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At the very young age of 5, my best friend went into the hospital for what I was told “a simple surgery” but never came home.  What I did not understand and could not process was how much impact, losing my best friend, at the tender young age of 5, would have on the rest of my life.  I found myself trying to comprehend and cope with the loss of my best friend. Up until her surgery, I had spent every day with. It was through the grieving process that I started questioning the afterlife, asking questions that no one could answer.

I created what my mother called the “figment of my imagination” or an imaginary friend.  What I soon realized was my imaginary friend would comfort me when I felt alone or was missing my friend. This “imaginary friend” was actually my first connection with spirits in the afterlife.  I soon realized I had the ability to connect with loved ones who had passed and convey important messages to help individuals who were grappling with their own grieving process. While losing my best friend was traumatizing, it did help me develop a deep compassion and understanding for those that are grieving from the loss of a loved one.

It was also during this time that I also found a deep sensitivity to the animal kingdom. In fact, my mother always tells the story of when I found a bird that had passed away and I had brought it home to try and resuscitate. As years passed, I noticed stray dogs and cats would always follow me home.  I had the fortunate luck of either finding the animal’s owners or becoming the animal’s new owner. It was then that I realized I had the unique gift of being able connect telepathically with animals. It is through these connections that I have been able to help distraught pet owners find their lost, beloved pets.

These unique experiences paved the way for me to develop and connect you with 7 unique readings.  I utilize my strong intuition, psychic ability combined with compassion to provide you with the guidance and healing you need.

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