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Happy New Year - Keep it Simple

Welcome to my first official blog! I would like to begin by wishing you all a very Happy and Blessed New Year! When we think of the New Year, we think of New Year‘s resolutions. I was never big on making resolutions and if i did, I found it hard to keep one. This year, however, I thought of making one and keeping it simple. And that is pretty much it for me, "keeping it simple" and being mindful in all that I do and this is my resolution for not only this year, but going foward. By keeping it simple, I will not worry about or sweat the small stuff. I will stay focused on the task at hand and give full attention to what I am doing in that exact moment. By staying focused and keeping it simple, I will be able to complete things as well as enjoy and understand the purpose or shall I say, give what I am doing purpose.

Why did I choose this as my resolution? Because in keeping it simple, it helps us to relax and keeps our mind at ease so we can function at our full potential. At times, we go about our day and realize how fast time has gone. If you pay attention to your thoughts, you find you are thinking mostly about the future, what you need to do next, what errands have to be completed. We overwhelm ourselves with stuff, stuff that is not important in that exact moment. We complicate things, question everything we do, instead of just trusting our guts and just doing it. We even find at times we can't just enjoy a special event because we are too in our head over thinking, looking for things to be perfect,, and planning for the big clean up or the next event. No wonder why it feels like life is passing us by. So instead of making life more complicated, trust yourself more, do what you want to do and make things easier for you. Make more space in your life for family and friends instead and just enjoy the moment, the simple things in life. Everything else that isn't in that moment can simply wait.

So this year, if you are looking to keep things simple, do just that. Focus on one thing at a time. Pay attention to the life around you, be it people, animals, the beauty you see in nature and most importantly breathe, be mindful, keep it simple. Here is to living in the moment!

Happy New Year to you All!

Love and peace,

Annie G

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